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Avalanche Forecasting Weather Data

This service is experimental.

Enter start and end dates below. Enter the same date twice to get a report for a single day.

If you are impatient, just hit submit to get a report for today, starting at midnight until now.

FAA Data begins 01 January 2009 UTC, or 4PM 31 December 2008 localtime.

CBJ Data is seasonal, beginning in April 2010 but is not complete.

Select Dates

Date and time syntax is forgiving.

Dates: You need to include a month and day at a minimum. Jan 7 and 7 Jan will both be read as 7th January of the current year.

Times: Seperate hours and minutes with colons (:). Include an hour at a minimum, by specifying AM or PM. 2 PM is valid, but a simple 2 is not as it could be interpreted as either 2AM or 2PM. If you use a 24 hour clock, include an hour and minute. 14:00 will work, but 14 will not.

All times are local Alaska time for FAA data. The seasonal CBJ data is reported in Alaska Standard Time (GMT -9:00).

Avalanche Information

Questions or problems should be addressed to James Zuelow.
Last updated 07 January 2011